When I Fall In Love

One minute of 16mm film at 36 frames per second makes a physical reel of 36 feet of film. Using these figures, I initiated an experimental project looking at equivalence, love and the process of 16mm to make a one minute short.

I set out to produce a creative and explorative project using 16mm analogue film studying the equivalence of what one minute’s worth of 16mm represented and how that could turn into a project itself through ideation.
With 36 being my main number of interest, I quickly found Arthur Aron’s 36 questions ‘to make you fall in love’, and developed the short into a portrayal of falling in love at first sight.

As the project progressed, more and more equivalents came into play, ending with a piece of work using a new process, an engaging medium and a creative idea. Please view the work below!

‘When I Fall In Love’ Final 16mm Scanned Film:

-36 Questions by Arthur Aron, physically written onto the 16mm film with one question for each foot.
-When I Fall In Love by Doris Day, the first minute of the song featured in the video uses exactly 36 words and of course enriches the love theme.
-The actual footage, the beginning of the film is exactly 36ft away from the actress with the footage progressing closer as the reel becomes longer.

The project was not only focusing on the creative and conceptual ideas around equivalence and love, but was also very much an experimental project, creating new processes with 16mm film and sound using darkroom methodology. After much testing and development, I formed a new experimental process which resulted in the final film. The process involved taking digital and analogue processes, editing, processing, printing, enlarging, and then finally splicing and joining, to take a digitally created video into an analogue film reel.

The full details of the created process can be found below, please take time to see the intricacies of each step and how this ‘machine’ was what actually formed my outcome.

Stills from the film:


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