When I Fall In Love

One minute of 16mm film at 36 frames per second makes a physical reel of 36 feet of film. Using these figures, I initiated an experimental project looking at equivalence and the process of 16mm to make a one minute short.
With 36 being the number of interest, I quickly found Arthur Aron’s 36 questions ‘to make you fall in love’, and developed the short into a portrayal of falling in love at first sight.

‘When I Fall In Love’ Final 16mm Scanned Film:

-36 Questions by Arthur Aron, physically written onto the 16mm film with one question for each foot.
-When I Fall In Love by Doris Day, the first minute of the song featured in the video uses exactly 36 words and of course enriches the love theme.
-The actual footage, the beginning of the film is exactly 36ft away from the actress with the footage progressing closer as the reel becomes longer.
After much testing and development, I formed a new experimental process which resulted in the final film. The process involved taking digital and analogue processes, editing, processing, printing, enlarging, and then finally splicing and joining, to take a digitally created video into an analogue film reel.  

Stills from the film:


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