We will not be the last.

We will not be the last is a passionate promise, partnership and campaign by Jaguar, with WWF, where each new car sold will protect and adopt a jaguar for life. The work is part of my final project, Better Than Draper. 

Studying Jaguar’s brand and current product developments in electric, it seemed the right time for them to step up their CSR and to do something big and bold. Something that would add to their enduring heritage and engage a younger generation whilst not excluding their current car owners.
And so protecting the endangered animal they are named after seemed the perfect decision. It is not only an issue on-brand, but also one that is very current and urgent, with the likes of Our Planet captivating a huge audience already on this subject.

However this decision needed to be communicated. We will not be the last is a lasting statment of Jaguar’s commitment to their animal and their brand, read and spoken to capture the very essence of their new mission. It can add to Britain’s rich history of literature and spoken word. 

The radio spot is the most important part of the campaign, targeting drivers on the fringe of buying a Jaguar anyway, listening to the likes of Classic FM or Radio 4. However to launch this new campaign and decision, Jaguar would declare their promise publicly...

There would be a long and short version for print; covering audiences with and without time. The longform being in motoring magazines and the short shown in daily newspapers and DOOH spots such as petrol stations.


The shortform versions take a single stanza from the overall poem and give short and snappy bites of what the campaign is about whilst keeping the core message.


To create an enduring symbol of this decision, new keys to the cars would come with a branded keyring informing the owner of their part in helping the issue.

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