We’ve got your back.

Playtex is all about support and comfort; as many bra brands are. However the industry often focuses on the front of a woman’s body, sometimes even sexualising it, when it is in fact the back that is often in need of help.

This campaign flips that idea on its back, and gives the women the support they need. However there is more to this idea than meets the eye, or at least the male eye. The work is part of my final project, Better Than Draper.
Whilst showing Playtex’s functional benefit, We’ve got your back also hides a very serious message; one deliberately designed and written to be hidden from men. One about domestic abuse. 

Women suffering from domestic abuse are in need of support, but often in danger when seeking this support whether it be online or in person. This campaign gives the support women need by hiding the National Domestic Violence Helpline and advice within their communications.


The campaign would commence by showing quick, to the point, sponsored posts and DOOH posters broadcasting Playtex’s unique and refreshing positioning.

The deeper message would then be integrated to mediums where the audience has more time, starting with a double-page-spread in Weekend Magazine, the most read weekly women’s magazine.


The piece is designed and written to deliberately disengage men whilst in a medium attracting the most women in the UK.


However, the most direct touchpoint for this campaign is on the product itself. Here, the tags hold both of meanings of the message.


Women are so often alone when lingerie shopping; especially so in changing rooms. This message gets to them at a moment when they have time, a moment when they are safe from their partner, and a moment when they can seek support. 

A page of the website would be dedicated to the subject. It fosters a safe space for women to seek help.

Through this page a hashtag of #gotyourback would be encouraged to be used to show solidarity and support. Women could show their concern through this hashtag by sharing on social media. A community could be born.


The work broadcasts the benefits of Playtex whilst giving women the support they need. Playtex becomes more than just lingerie. It becomes a brand trusted, respected and supported by women.

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