Put It To The People March

On the 23rd March 2019, over a million marched the Put It To The People March in Central London to demand for a people’s vote on Brexit. I decided to join the masses and document the historic event from within the crowd.

A spokesperson for the march organisers at the People’s Vote campaign said:

“It is almost impossible to put an exact figure on the size of this immense crowd because it is spilling out across central London. The start of the march at Park Lane has been filled to bursting point and many thousands of people are trying to make their way to Parliament Square through side streets. At the time the rally began, people were still arriving in Park Lane. 
Our estimate is based on professional expert advice and whatever the exact number, there can be no doubt that this ranks as one of the greatest protests  - possibly the biggest ever – that this country has ever seen. We have no doubt that this march is bigger than the last with our early estimate putting the size of the crowd at around 1 million.”

I wanted to capture the protest as it was, allowing it to speak for itself through my photographs, and without my compositions altering what actually happened on the day. Being a ‘remainer’, I was drawn to the event anyway, however I felt it was more important to photograph than to formally march myself.

I hope these photos give the day justice.


I decided to design and create an edition of newspapers, recording the historic day.


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