Nancealverne Market Garden

Taken on by Hester Dennett and Rebecca Martin in 2020, Nancealverne Market Garden is a project restoring the traditional market garden of Nancealverne House whilst feeding local people and supplying restaurants with good, organically grown food.

Based on the edge of Penzance, the peri-urban land has been a part of local history for decades – previously cultivated for over 50 years by Tony Bunch to grow food in a low impact and chemical free way for the town’s landmark greengrocer. After Tony was unable to continue tending the land, it fell into disuse, and was forgotten and wild before Becky and Hester took over.

In just three years the couple have worked tirelessly using organic principles and no-dig techniques to transform the 1.5 acres into the beautiful haven it now is – on top of keeping bees for local raw honey and helping locals with bee swarms.