More Than Enough

Prairie Gentian®

Using UberEats’ tech and infrastructure to make two problems become one opportunity. More Than Enough brings food waste and poverty together to create a more joyful and more sustainable world. 

In the UK alone, there are more than 14 million people living in poverty and over 1200 food banks providing emergency food to those in crisis. Food banks can give those in need a minimum of three days worth of dried and tinned foods; enough to live on, but no more than that. The joy of food is missing.
In contrast, almost 200,000 tonnes of fresh food is wasted each year by UK restaurants often due to over-catering in the kitchen and a lack of solutions.

More Than Enough by UberEats brings these two issues together to create a sustainable scheme helping both sides of the equation. 

This project was done in collaboration with Joseph Fraquelli and Yukako Sunaba.

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