More ‘Accidents’ Happen At Home Than Anywhere Else

Prairie Gentian®

Domestic violence is unacceptable and a crime, but sadly still prevalent within our society today. An abused woman is often overwhelmed by fear and believes she is at fault, covering up the violence of the abuser. 

A partner (Alice Burke - and I tackled this issue with the statistic more accidents happen at home than anywhere else. We twisted the statistic and showed this issue through it. 
We wanted this work to highlight the awful fear of the victim and to show how they can be trapped in these situations. The campaign began with the short video and led to there being a print touchpoint as well as physical take-aways which would be given out to all at key public areas like tube stations. The pots hold within them makeup remover pads, embodying the idea to not cover up the abuse and to tell someone; again with the chairty helpline and information on
the lids.


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