Good Work For
Good Reasons?

‘Good Work For Good Reasons’ is a motto I have coined over the final year of my degree as I have progressed from student to professional. I have used it to define and direct my professional practice as a creative, strategist, photographer and designer; acting as a fitting five words to quickly express the quality and ethics of my work and aspirations.
Whilst it has been of great use to me so far, it lacks proper thinking and investigation. I have found myself naturally wanting to challenge it. What is good work and what are good reasons? What even is good? This page is dedicated to interrogating it both contextually and practically. 


Good Work For Good Reasons?
Final Critical Report 

As my final dissertation, I chose to investigate ‘good work for good reasons’, what that meant to me and others, where it came from, and where it could go. Below is the final digital version of this piece of work and to the right the physical manifestation and binding. This investigation is not something I intend to leave at university; where I hope to take this phrase and thinking forward into the industry with me and to make real change.

Good Reason For Good Reasons. 
Strategic framework

Good Reason For Good Reasons, is a framework I have designed and tested to question and then help one choose what causes and issues to work on, and how to know when they are the right ones. Through my own experience, I have found that...

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