Better Than Draper

Better Than Draper is my final uni project, taking five of Don Draper’s most iconic clients, and doing work that is not only good for the client, but also good for the world. Five clients done better by doing good. 

The project showcases how social and environmental issues can and must be integrated with normal client work, and that it is our responsibility to do so in the advertising industry. The project features the clients Kodak, Playtex, Jaguar, Heinz and Hilton.
This page shows the overall project, photos of the concept, and a quick overview of some of the creative campaigns done for the clients. I do however have three of the five actual projects on my website: 

-Playtex, ‘We’ve got your back.’

-Jaguar, ‘We will not be the last Jaguar.’

-Kodak, ‘Frame the positives.’






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