We’re told graduating is exciting. A celebratory step towards the future. A bright new beginning.

However for Alice, it presents a lonely prospect; a loss of belonging. For a French student in London, it means leaving four years of life behind. Leaving her boyfriend, leaving best-friends, leaving course-mates, leaving her home, and losing her community. And as we leave the European Union, will she ever belong again? Will it be a final farewell? One last Adieu?
A finalist series for the Sony World Photography Awards 2019, the work can be found on the World Photography Organisation’s website here, and their instagram here.

The work received a wide variety of press due to the scale of the competition. From the Daily Mail, to my local newspaper (!), to Creative Boom here.

Once the series was officially announced in March 2019, the work was then exhibited in Somerset House from April through to May 2019. A few of the photos were shown as can be seen below. It was a great privelege to have my work officially exhibited to such a large audience.
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